Rabbits needing homes

These rabbits are currently available to adopt, please note we do not list all of our available rabbits on this site.

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit please get in contact or apply using our adoption application form

🐰 Dotty and Stu are ready for a forever home! πŸ°

These beautiful, friendly bunnies are a bonded pair who must go together. They are looking for a forever home with a good indoor/outdoor flow, with lots of room for them to run and play… And boy do they play; they are delighting their foster parents with daily zoomies!

🐰 If you are interested in making these bunnies a part of your family, please get in touch πŸ˜Š

🐰 Introducing Ziggy and Roo… πŸ°

These ladies may look wild, but they were born to a domestic mother! Ziggy, Roo and their siblings are the result of a visiting wild buck, and a family who did not believe their solo female needed to be desexed.

These young ladies will not survive in the wild, but they will need a special kind of environment… One that is spacious and secure, complete with desexed husbuns of their own and humans who will show them the gentle patience of our incredible foster families currently caring for Ziggy, Roo and their sisters, Bryn and Caz.

Lilo is looking for love

Are you able to offer the beautiful Lilo a home? Since she lost her bonded partner she has been waiting for the right bunny to come along and sweep her off her feet, she will need a great outdoor setup with lots of space to run around and binky! If you can make a space in your home and heart for our gorgeous Lilo please get in touch

Handsome Whetu

His name which means ‘field of stars’ reflects the white flecks in his coat and the fact that his foster family saw him as a shining star in their lives and home. Whetu is around 4 years old and looking to settle down in a home with both indoor and outdoor space for him. Please message us for more details about Whetu