Rabbits needing homes

These rabbits are currently available to adopt, please note we do not list all of our available rabbits on this site.

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit please get in contact

Sylvie is looking for a special family

Our little Sylvie is looking for a home and a family who can give her extra special care due to a past illness which has left her in need of a slight head tilt and challenges with her balance and hearing

🐰 Dotty and Stu are ready for a forever home! 🐰

These beautiful, friendly bunnies are a bonded pair who must go together. They are looking for a forever home with a good indoor/outdoor flow, with lots of room for them to run and play… And boy do they play; they are delighting their foster parents with daily zoomies!

🐰 If you are interested in making these bunnies a part of your family, please get in touch 😊

Perfect Poppy

A stunning friendly bunny Poppy may look wild but she’s a house bunny at heart. Poppy is looking for a home where she can have plenty of space inside but a garden that she can run around in too. Poppy is half wild which means she a domestic bunny with the gorgeous looks of a wildie.

Lilo is looking for love

Are you able to offer the beautiful Lilo a home? Since she lost her bonded partner she has been waiting for the right bunny to come along and sweep her off her feet, she will need a great outdoor setup with lots of space to run around and binky! If you can make a space in your home and heart for our gorgeous Lilo please get in touch.

Handsome Whetu – Now adopted

His name which means Star reflects the white flecks in his coat and the fact that his foster family saw him as a shining star in their lives and home. Whetu is around 4 years old and looking to settle down in a home with both indoor and outdoor space for him. Please message us for more details about Whetu.