To ensure that we find the right rabbit for you and your family, our team will work with you to help ensure your home is set up and you are as prepared as possible for what lies ahead.

All rabbits ready for adoption from Wellington Rabbit Rescue will be desexed and vaccinated with Filavac. We believe rabbits are happier living in pairs so we will either adopt out a pair to you or will find you a mate for your solo bunny. If you have a bunny at home that you wish to find a friend for, they will need to be desexed and vaccinated with Filavac as well.

Our team will visit your home set-up and meet you when we match you to your potential rabbit(s). We have a minimum housing size requirement of 2 x 3 metres, and 2 metres tall. So, this means that you will need either space in your house or a large covered run, dog enclosure, chicken coop, or other secure housing outside.

There is a one-time $80 adoption fee for a single rabbit or $150 for a pair. All rabbits come to you on a 2-week trial to ensure that the fit is right for your family and other rabbits, if applicable.  They can come back to us at any time in that period. The adoption fee is not required until after the 2-week trial period.

If at any time you are unable to care for your rabbit or need to rehome it due to unforeseen circumstances, we do request that you get in touch as we will always take in a WRR legacy bunny.

We do not list our animals for adoption, but if you feel ready to welcome a rabbit into your family, please get in touch to start the conversation.